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Rozzi SpA

Rozzi SpA, in 1970, founded by Enrico Rozzi, began as a manufacturer of polyp grabs for loading cranes. Today Rozzi SpA is a globally recognized manufacturer of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic grabs for many uses. A professional team of highly skilled workers ensures quick and applied solution on personal preferences. The market leaders among producers of cranes, loaders, excavators and harbor cranes are equipped with Rozzi material. Minimizing maintenance, efficiency, quality, reliability, innovation, safety and the use of specially hardened steel are the key words of the Rozzi product range.

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Euroram-Rockmaster B.V.

A dynamic company which is mainly specialized in hydraulic demolition hammers. With its GLOBRAM brand, Euroram Rockmaster has written a reliable and worldwide known Curriculum Vitae. A passionated team of technicians and the own production line contribute to a secure implementation of whishes and necessaries. The combination of practical experiences and knowledgements result in high quality products, which trend is put in terms of quality and innovation, safety, maintenance and service.

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Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and a broadknow-how in the mechanical and hydraulic field, T.A.M. giveselan to the production of special and common (container) lifting hooks, container trailers (2 and 3 axes) and presscontainers (fixed and mobile). T.A.M. is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 standards and possesses the AF770 encoding, a huge strictNATO certification. T.A.M. is famous for providing product and service quality. For the production of T.A.M. lifting hooks, container trailers and press containers, only the best quality materials are used. T.A.M. service and attention are made from passion, philosophy which is underlined by detailed NATO guidelines. Besides producing and servicing to the global business, thereare countless international NATO units which use T.A.M. products and equipment in their fleet. Equipment Service Benelux B.V. is proud to be selected byT.A.M. t orepresent its solid and reliable T.A.M. products andspare parts. Equipment Service Benelux B.V. will be at your service withT.A.M. service, products and spare parts.

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O.M.P. is a dedicated organization that elevates the production and supply of hydraulic hammers to an art. Respecting the wishes of the customer at all times, OMP constantly seek to improve quality in the broadest sense of the word. From product to sales, from after sales to design, from options to partial payment to transport, from… to you name it, every OMP fiber contains the motivation to satisfy the customer. It is precisely in this philosophy that Equipment Service Benelux recognizes itself. Equipment Service Benelux proudly represents the range of O.M.P.

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Equipment Service Benelux B.V. represents ZATO, the Italian manufacturers of metal and scrap metal recycling plants for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. For over 20 years ZATO has manufactured recycling plants and equipment for processing scrap metal. The complete range of customized metal shredding solutions meets any production requirement: from pre shredders to twin-shaft shredders, from demolition shears to scrap cleaning plants. Thanks to the expertise of the engineers and state-of-the-art technology, in the name of ZATO, Equipment Service Benelux BV guarantees high levels of personalization along with full remote support.

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